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Boston and Infinite Jest
This site is just one of several which examine the role of Boston in Infinite Jest.  The most notable and comprehensive resource is William Beutler’s Infinite Boston and the Infinite Atlas.  As I told Mr. Beutler, this course owes a lot to the work that he’s done.  In 2008, Danielle Dreilinger and Javier Zarracina also published a map of Infinite Jest’s Boston in The Boston Globe.  You might also consider viewing sites on this topic at The Millions, The New York Daily News and the Harvard Crimson.  Most recently, Radio Open Source produced a program about this very topic in January, 2014.

Reading Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace [from The New York Times]
David Foster Wallace [from The New York Times]
There are countless sites online cataloguing readers’ adventures with Infinite Jest.  Among the most well-known are the Wallace Wiki and Infinite Summer.  Sam Potts, Inc. has created a fascinating character diagram of the novel, and Brain Pickings’ character flowchart is interesting as well.  Keith O’Neill has

written a helpful scene-by-scene guide to the novel, Drew Cordes has created a guide for reading the novel chronologically.  If you’re looking for reviews of the novel, Jay McInerney’s review in the New York Times and Sven Birkert’s review in The Atlantic are good places to start.

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